Europese vertegenwoordiging: HR Business Partner

Gisela Mato – HR Business Partner (Spain and Portugal)

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The contact with Human Forces originiated from Erik Roland, Director of FINSA Holland, his previous experiences. The earlier collaboration consisted of the supply of flexible employees by side company Havenwerk. Gisela Mato tells about her experience with Human Forces, and consultant Nancy Heemskerk, who is responsible recruiting their new HR Business Partner for EMEA (excluding Spain and Portugal). The challenging part was that the HR Business had to speak fluent Spanish. Gisela Mato says:

Human Forces really did a good job. The communication between FINSA and Human Forces was very clear from the beginning. We started by sharing information about the desired profile. Within a couple of weeks Human Forces was able to present us several candidates. We then gave our feedback regarding these candidates, in which Human Forces refined the search profile. We spoke to a second round of candidates. We quickly achieved our goal to hire the best candidate with the most suitable profile for our needs.

I feel that they have listened to us carefully. Given the result, they really understood us. I do not see a collaboration in the near future, but perhaps in a medium term.

Testimonial 26th of March 2019